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Make Dancing a Part of Your Life

Our dance classes focus on quality dance education while training the whole person.

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There's a class for 

every dancer!

At Infinite Dance Studio, you will not just learn how to dance different styles, you will also be a part of a loving family filled with passionate and fun-loving individuals. Our dance classes focus on training the whole person, so you can expect your dancer to finish each class feeling encouraged, motivated, and confident!

Monday classes are 30 minutes each so your dancer can mix & match their favorite dance styles!

  • Tumble
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Ballet
  • Dance & Tumble
  • Tap Jazz & Ballet
  • Hip Hop

Tuition is $29 per month for thirty minute classes 

and $58 per month for one hour classes

*The tumbling portion of classes focus on flexibility & acrobatic skills used in dance choreography.  We utilize shaped mats and safe drills to train.   

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